The existing relationship between the enterprise, its labor and the community at large, is broken. Arguably, this relationship has not evolved significantly since the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution.

The truth is that we have now entered a new era — the Third Industrial Revolution — which is being accompanied by a shift from globalization to an era where individuals, enterprises and communities connect with each other through digitally-integrated platforms.

The Third Industrial Revolution offers us the opportunity to empower individuals to be direct participants in a more sustainable, higher order. Members of a team that feel alive, healthy and engaged build relationships with each other and share ideas. Together, they are always more effective and productive. Human development needs to surpass economic development, so that the elements of life that produce happiness, such as beauty, nature, social interaction and a sense of belonging, can be built into every aspect of society. A successful outcome would reflect society’s shared values, shared interests and the integrity of the natural surroundings.