ar·bor /‘ärb r/ A shady garden alcove with sides and a roof formed by trees or climbing plants trained over a wooden framework.



When conceptualizing Arbor, we wanted people to be able to work outside and be surrounded by nature as much as possible, and if working inside, to minimize the distance and barriers to daylight and being outside.

A Letter from Jeanne Gang

Westbank’s initiative in San Jose marks a turning point for the region, in which urban development does not destroy green space and natural systems, but instead is designed to strengthen and integrate them back into the built environment — recognizing the powerful role they play in mitigating climate change and creating diverse, vibrant communities.


Blurring the line between nature and our workspace. Imagine inhabiting a workplace shaped by ideas of geology and climate in both formation and conservation.


We have gone from a recognition that humans have changed the environment to a recognition that our current way of life is unsustainable.